woensdag 7 januari 2009

Bad day

Not a good day today. This morning I was sick but went to work anyway. But later that morning I had a migraine attack so went home and slept for a couple of hours. Now I feel a bit better, but not perfect. Want to scrap a litlle bit but I don't have a lot of inspiration. So I decided to make my list of goals for 2009:

1. Make 1 LO each week
2. Make 1 card each week
3. Try a new recipe twice a month
4. Get a dog
5. Re-arange our garden
6. Read more books
7. Paint our bathroom
8. Buy the zutter bind it all
9. Do fun stuff with my friends
10. Pass my exam for NIBE AOB
11. Make more photos of myself
12. Keep a dairy
13. Think about myself first
14. Save money
15. Ski vacation!
16. Lose weight
17. Exercise more
18. Watch as many series as I can
19. Host a lot off BBQ's this summer
20. Visit the beach as much as I can
21. Go to the osteopath
22. Don't feel responsible for everything
23. Write letters to my penpals
24. Visit Tjitske on Schiermonnikoog
25. Take a subscription to CardsOnly
26. Take some me time each week
27. Book a weekend away spontaniously
28. Take the bicycle to work
29. Love my work
30. Go partying with Marjolein
31. Go to the sauna at least once a month
32. Plan trip to South Africa in 2010
33. Update my blog
34. Eat more fruit and vegetables
35. Post more comments on SIStv
36. Buy new mobile phone
37. Get furniture for my terrace
38. Make time for my friend who's having a baby soon
39. Go skiing in Terneuzen
40. When we have a dog, walk long walks
41. Buy completly new wardrobe
42.Keep up with my photo album
43. Visit the nuns
44. Buy new glasses
45.Get a cabinet for my scraproom
46. Build a barn
47. Take my parents out for dinner
48. Give startling gifts for birthdays
49. Keep up with housekeeping
50.Get a massage at the sauna

Here is a layout I made last week. It's about the Wii I got as a christmas gift.

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